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Quiet Please Re-Creations

These are new productions for this site based on Wyllis Cooper's surviving scripts for missing episodes of Quiet Please.

Title Summary Aired
One Hundred Thousand Diameters What if microscopic creatures could be enlarged to our size? April 2022
Rede Me This Riddle Three kings meet far from home. December 2021
Motive A tale of a broken marriage in NYC. August 2019
The Big Box A trucker tells the story of his friend Cavanagh, now missing after an accident. February 2019
Be A Good Dog, Darling A salesman tells a strange story of his wives and his dogs. January 2019
The Gothic Tale A supernatural love story on the California coast. January 2019
Below 5th Avenue Discover the unbelievable truth behind road construction. November 2018
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Oliver's reflection takes on a life of its own. August 2018
Three Sides To A Story Three narrators collaborate on a story of their conflict. August 2018
The Venetian Blind Man The man who knew everything returns. May 2018
A Mile High and a Mile Deep A mile deep in the mines below Butte Montana, something or someone lurks. September 2017