Dark Rosaleen

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Episode #91
Aired 1949-03-13
Length: 28:25
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Elizabeth and Wayne were to be married soon. Now, Elizabeth is dead. The doctor tells Wayne about it. Wayne says his own life is at an end, that without Elizabeth he can't go on.

Wayne intends to kill himself. A man named Patrick interrupts him, though, and tells him he's taking him somewhere that will show him what he has to live for. Patrick takes him across the sea to a strange island, a beautiful land with a beautiful woman who they call "dark Rosaleen."

What is there to live for when death takes away the person who you care for the most? Time can't always heal everything. Is there something or someone out there that can make it possible to go on? Is there something that can incorporate everything lost, that can hold a piece of that which no longer exists?

There was a time when I loved the rain at night in the streets of New York... but that is a time long gone, and I remember the wet dark of a March evening only dimly now.

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