Not Enough Time

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Episode #18
Aired 1947-10-06
Length: 29:33
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Walter McCoy was successful in making a time machine. It worked perfectly, allowing him to visit the past. He took a trip back 50 years into the past, and returned safely. Now he's destroying the machine and ripping up the designs. He wishes he'd never created it.

McCoy decided to travel back to 1897, 50 years into the past. He familiarized himself with the local history of that time, and found himself some appropriate clothing before he left. It was to be a short visit, the time machine was set to come back after only one day in the past. While in 1897, though, McCoy finds himself in a complicated dilemma.

Would time travel be a good thing? On a scientific level, the accomplishment of would be a major advancement. To historians, it would unquestionably be the ultimate tool for research. On a personal level, though, maybe a time machine wouldn't be a good thing. For the individual traveling back, there are risks unrelated to science or research... risks of a more emotional nature.

That's $1540 worth of junk, and 4 years work.
Walter McCoy

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