Quiet, Please! Anthology

Fan site featuring newspaper clippings, trivia, analysis, logs, scripts, discussion of missing episodes and more. Likely the most extensive site about the series and the issues surrounding it.

The Thing on the Fourble Board Graphic Novel

An illustrated adaptation of the Quiet Please episode, which can be read online or purchased in physical form.

The Digital Deli Too - Quiet Please

Some interesting historical articles about the series, analysis, and epsiode log.

Wikipedia's Quiet Please Page

A growing, editable article about the series.

Quietly Yours

Quiet Please scripts, clips and assorted goodies.

Mark's Quiet Please Page

A good page, with lots of information about the series. It has a general section about the show, a section about Cooper and Chappell, and a section about the theme music. The site also has a log which conveniently mentions which episodes are missing (and presumed dead).

Quiet Please @ The Radio Horror Host

Offers an in-depth description of the series and what makes it special.

"Quiet, Please"... An Appreciation

An article by Ron Barnett, examining the series in a variety of different ways. The article gives a good history of how episodes came to be rediscovered, besides discussing how Cooper and Chappell created the unique mood of the series. For some unknown reason the article doesn't contain a link to the second part of it, which is here. This second part has, among other things, a list of the author's favorite episodes.

OTR Plot Spot

Plot summaries of individual episodes of many OTR series. Read up on an episode before you devote the time to downloading/listening. Also offers weekly MP3 downloads. Concentration in sci-fi.

The Mercury Theatre On the Air

A site devoted to the series which Wyllis Cooper did a little of the writing for. Also, Ernest Chappell announces. (Mostly he reads advertising for Campbell soup.)


Features a CD with MP3s of all 89 existing Quiet Please epsiodes for $5.


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