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Original Modern Audio Dramas

The Replicator
(September 2018 - 7 minutes - Science Fiction)
The world's first replicator is presented to the company CEO by a nervous employee.
To Spit in God's Eye
(September-December 2017 - 75 minutes - Science Fiction)
Full cast four part mini-series about the future of humanity, shattered by genetic experimentation into powerful sages and experimental shards.

Interviews in the Afterlife
(August 2017 - 18 minutes - Comedy)
A reporter for the St. Paul Times interviews god and the devil.
Meditation on a Leaf Blower
(July 2017 - 6 minutes - Comedy)
Treasure the soothing sounds of the wild leaf blower.
(June 2017 - 16 minutes - Fantasy)
Full cast drama about a San Francisco bum's visits to another world.

Quiet Please Re-Creations

These are my modern re-creations of missing episodes of Quiet Please based on the surviving scripts.

The Big Box
(February 2019 - 26 minutes - Drama)
Strange things happen on a trucker's last ride.
The Gothic Tale
(January 2019 - 31 minutes - Fantasy)
A supernatural love story on the coast of California. In stereo!
Below 5th Avenue
(November 2018 - 29 minutes - Fantasy)
The strange truth behind road work.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
(August 2018 - 31 minutes - Drama)
Oliver's reflection takes on a life of his own.
Three Sides to a Story
(August 2018 - 25 minutes - Drama)
Three people relate the same events in slightly different ways.
The Venetian Blind Man
(May 2018 - 26 minutes - Comedy)
The man who knew everything returns from the dead.
A Mile High and a Mile Deep
(September 2017 - 29 minutes - Fantasy)
Who knows what lurks a mile below Butte, Montana?