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Hundred Second Theater (2022 to present)
A series of bite-sized audio dramas.

253 Mathilde (2022 to 2024)
92 years ago, the crewed asteroid 253 Mathilde began humanity's first interstellar mission.

Beyond Awakening (2024 to present)
The crew of the Galactic Confederation spaceship Chimera are forced to question their reality.

Mining Accident Theater (2019 to present)
Trapped coal miners must entertain themselves by having fun with commentary on old films while they await rescue.

Quiet Please Originals (2021 to 2022)
A series of new audio dramas in the style of Quiet Please.

Quiet Please Re-Creations (2017 to 2022)
New productions based on Wyllis Cooper scripts for which the original audio has been lost.

To Spit in God's Eye (Fall 2017)
Science fiction mini-series about a future shattered by genetic experimentation.

One Offs (2017 to present)
Stand alone original audio dramas.


This tribute to Himan Brown's Radio Mystery Theater features a middle aged woman whose boring life is about to change.(September 2023)
The man who knew everything is back, and he has big plans. (May 2022)
An unimaginably tiny virus is enlarged to our size. (April 2022)
The offer is a million dollars and the body you always wanted. What's the catch? (February 2022)
A moment in the life of a man facing death. (December 2021)
A time machine from the past may end the future. (June 2021)

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