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Quiet Please Originals

Title Summary Aired
The Man Who Doesn't Know Everything The man who knew everything faces a new challenge. 2022-05-11
Interviews in the Afterlife A reporter interviews God and the devil. 2022-04-29
The Swap The offer is a million dollars and the body you always wanted. What's the catch? 2022-02-21
The Living Death A moment in the life of a man facing death. 2021-12-20
Final Rehearsal The rehearsal for "The Hat, the Bed, and John J. Catherine" goes poorly. 2021-07-24
Transit A homeless man tells the story of a strange group of people in a metal box. 2021-07-24
The Future of History A time machine from the past may end the future. 2021-07-01
Fire and Shadow A storm knocks out power and an eclectic group gathers around a fireplace. 2021-02-22
Mail Call A dead man receives an unusual amount of mail. 2021-01-24
The Room Where the Stars Live Aliens invade, but nobody notices. Sequel to The Other Side of the Stars. 2021-01-16