Mail Call

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Episode #108
Aired 2021-01-24
Length: 13:47
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A cemetery isn't usually a very exciting place. The interred aren't a gregarious bunch. They don't chat with each other, they don't text or call. Occasionally someone visits, or sends them flowers.

It's not every day that a permanent resident at the cemetery receives a postcard in the mail, so it's remarkable when the late Robert Jenkins does. Who could it be from? Why are they sending it? What does the message written on it mean?

The man who speaks to you this week administrates Fulton Cemetery. He puzzles over the matter, which may hit closer to home than he imagines.

Written by David Feldmann. Features Paul Knierim, Brian Hunt and Gary Wallen. You can also watch this episode on YouTube.

As if a stiff getting mail twenty years after the fact isn't bad enough... there was the matter of what it said. Just three words: Be seeing you.

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