The Room Where the Stars Live

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Episode #107
Aired 2021-01-16
Length: 23:38
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The pilot episode of Quiet Please, "Nothing Behind the Door", introduced a little house on Mount Wilson with nothing inside it. It also introduced the astronomer Van Dyk, who works at the Mount Wilson observatory and knows far more than he says about the house.

The later episode "The Other Side of the Stars" resumes the story with the discovery of a strange, unearthly music at the bottom of an old well with the ancient skeleton of a Spanish solider. When Esau and Dorothy explore the well, a presence within it "absorbs" Dorothy into a little gray-green blob that sings the strange music... which turns out to be a message welcoming the invasion fleet from Alpha Centauri, due to land imminently.

Here we are, more than 70 years later. It doesn't look like we've been invaded. Appearances, however, can be deceptive. What if the invasion actually did take place on that day in 1949? The man who speaks to you this week is Esau from "The Other Side of the Stars" -- still alive in 2021 for reasons that will soon become clear -- and he has a warning for you.

Written by Paul Knierim. Features Paul Knierim, Paul Moss, Lindsay Townsend and Gary Wallen. You can also watch this episode on YouTube.

That was seventy-two years ago now. Nothing happened. At least, we thought nothing happened. Now... now I know better. And soon, very soon, so will you.

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