The Living Death

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Episode #113
Aired 2021-12-04
Length: 19:16
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You're invited to step inside the head of a man who can't get out of his head. Hear his thoughts and feel his feelings on the day he expects to be his last.

Leopold Evans is not normal. He doesn't react to everything the way you or I might react. When Leopold stumbles upon a dead body, for example, his reaction is not one of fear or revulsion. Instead, he feels drawn to the corpse and experiences a kind of instant emotional bond with it that he's never been able to forge with the living. The consequences this oddness has for his life are as serious as can be.

In stereo. Headphones or earbuds recommended for an immersive experience. Written by Paul Knierim. Features Paul Knierim, Virginia Hargrove, Lindsay Townsend, Matt Ellis, Brian Hunt and Gary Wallen. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

You've never been alone. You've been in empty rooms, empty homes, you've been rejected, but you've never been alone like this.
Leopold Evans

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