The Swap

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Episode #114
Aired 2022-02-21
Length: 35:28
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River Godfried and Sam Tomkins both suffer from gender dysphoria. Put simply, it's the overwhelming sensation that your mind is in the wrong body -- a body of the wrong sex. Even after coming out, the process of doing anything about it is long and laborious. Our two central characters are still in the early stages of therapy, with months to go before hormones and years before surgery that probably still won't be enough for them to pass.

What if there were a shortcut, one with more complete and dramatic results? That's the life's work of Dr. Thaddius Zeit, whose research is heavily funded by Godfried. Together, they have an audacious but tempting offer to make to Sam.

What exactly is the relationship between mind and body? Can they be neatly separated? Does the mind control the body, does the body control the mind, or are they locked in an eternal battle?

In stereo. Headphones or earbuds recommended for an immersive experience. Written by Paul Knierim. Features Paul Knierim, Virginia Hargrove, John Gaunce, Lindsay Townsend, Brian Hunt, Matt Ellis and David Feldmann. Also available on YouTube.

What gets me is just whenever I look in a mirror, it's like I'm seeing somebody else's body. I don't recognize this stranger I'm inhabiting, and I need to get out of her and move to a body that matches who I really am.
Sam Tomkins

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