Final Rehearsal

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Episode #112
Aired 2021-07-24
Length: 12:14
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How and why did Quiet Please end? Here's the untold story of the rehearsal for the final non-repeat episode of Wyllis Cooper's series. Listen as Ernest Chappell, Wyllis Cooper, James Monks, William McClintock, Ed Michael and others tussle over the script of "The Hat, the Bed, and John J. Catherine".

Written by Paul Knierim, this episode features repurposed audio clips from the Quiet Please episode "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" and the CBS Radio Workshop episode "A Matter of Logic" in order to include Wyllis Cooper, William Conrad, Anthony Ellis and others in the cast. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

A comedy is funny, and a fantasy has amazing things happen. This is neither.
Ernest Chappell

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