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Episode #111
Aired 2021-07-24
Length: 14:32
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You're sitting at a bench in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. You're approached by a homeless man and offer him money. In return, he offers you information he says will change your life.

Life is often absurd. This week, we follow a group of people who take the absurdity to an extreme... but who are fundamentally no different from most of us. They work at petty tasks with no real comprehension of why they do it. They follow routines and customs just because that's the way they've always done things. They think they're going somewhere, but are they really? Their fear of the unknown traps them into a very limited life where they can keep everything predictable.

"Transit" is written by Paul Knierim, and is re-edited and partially re-recorded from a 2017 production. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

It's the rubicoff machine. We have to maintain the mixture, grease the track, polish the switches and feed it input every hour. That's what we're here for.
Bristleton Cooler

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