The Man Who Doesn't Know Everything

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Episode #116
Aired 2022-05-11
Length: 27:35
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Charles W. Afternoon has made a career of knowing literally everything. You may remember him from the Quiet Please episodes "The Man Who Knew Everything" and "The Venetian Blind Man," but if you haven't heard those it's okay, he'll introduce himself. We rejoin him in 1952. Now he's ready to put his knowledge to work for the nation. Only his wife can stand in his way.

What would you do if you knew everything? If knowledge is power, does that mean absolute knowledge corrupts just as absolutely?

Written by Paul Knierim. Featuring Paul Knierim, Lindsay Townsend, Virginia Hargrove, David Loftus, Steph X and Emily Aichele. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

I wonder if *any* of us could know everything, if only we could be as supremely arrogant as you, Mr. Afternoon?

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