Mining Accident Theater

A comedy in which employees trapped when a coal mine collapses must entertain themselves by making fun of old films while they await rescue.

Episode 1: Yesterday Lives Again
Bogdan watches an old film about even older films, and then an even older film.

Episode 2: Flash Gordon
Bogdan meets Tom, and they watch Flash Gordon face off against The Purple Death.

Episode 3: About Fallout
Tom and Bogdan learn how to prepare for nuclear war.

Episode 4: Frontier PSAs
The miners face a fast-firing series of public service announcements.

Episode 5: Leonard Nimoy Presents Magnavision
A rock beeps at Leonard Nimoy about laser disc for ten minutes.

Episode 6: Boredom at Work II - The Search for Zest
A bored man goes to therapy, fondles his face in a restroom mirror, and tries to rekindle his sex life by thinking about his mother.

Episode 7: A Missile of LSD
The phone company threatens armageddon, and the new troll doll hot dog is introduced to the market.

Episode 8: Volume One Number Four
Wyllis Cooper's attempt to bring Quiet Please to television, now made funny.

Episode 9: The Angry Birds
Implied birds will suffer implied injuries, cats will be vilified, artists will refuse piles of money.

Episode 10: Legend of Mary
The first Mining Accident Theater Holiday Special! Features the slowest-paced silent film ever made.

Episode 11: The War of the Robots
The first Mining Accident full length feature film! There's lots of spaceships, countdowns, and fuzzy dots.