253 Mathilde

It's the year 2198. 92 years ago, the asteroid 253 Mathilde began humanity's first interstellar mission with a crew of 200 people. Now accelerating through the Oort cloud at a millimeter per second per second, the descendants of the original crew have as yet no inkling of where the next 42 years of their lives will take them.


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Episode 1: Damage Year 92 of the mission opens with a bang.

Episode 2: New Life What lines will they cross to save a life?

Episode 3: Trial Choices come with consequences.

Episode 4: Data Stream Word from home.

Episode 5: Unhappy Returns Trouble is brewing.

Episode 6: End of an Era There's only one way to bring peace.

Episode 7: Choices Who will lead, and to where?

The Making of 253 Mathilde A documentary wrap-up of the first season. Learn about the production, the cast, the science, the themes, and future plans.

Episode 8: Unknowns 22 years later, disaster and mystery.

Episode 9: Maneuvers The mystery deepens.

Episode 10: Rescue A matter of life and death.

Episode 11: Natural Selection Who will explore the new worlds?

Episode 12: First Contact Investigations and discoveries.

Episode 13: Launch It's time to go.

Episode 14: Invasion Make a stand.

Episode 15: To Boldly Go The journey to Eddington.

Episode 16: Escape Room A last chance.

Episode 17: Eddington Life on the exomoon proves challenging.

Episode 18: Fallout It's not over.

Episode 19: Miranda A new home for life.

The Making of 253 Mathilde Season 2 A documentary wrap-up of the second season.

Episode 20: The Beginning of the End 20 years later, the acceleration phase ends.

Episode 21: Time Out of Joint The recovery process takes a mysterious turn.

Episode 22: Destiny A final destination is selected.

Episode 23: Origin In the year 2107, Commander Peters captures a spy.

Episode 24: Two Minds The doomers gain a valuable new recruit.

Episode 25: Earth's Past Tojo and Commander Peters must plot a way off Earth.

Episode 26: The Twin Paradox Explorers depart while candidates campaign.

Episode 27: Future Imperfect A pair of explorers land on Earth in the far future.

Episode 28: Earth Abides The fate of humanity becomes clear.

Episode 29: The Battle Within Two personalities fight for control of one body.

Episode 30: Doomsday Election results are in.

Episode 31: Unending Life on 253 Mathilde is drawing to a close.

The Making of 253 Mathilde Season 3 A documentary wrap-up.


If you're hearing-impaired, script-based closed captioning is provided for all episodes (not for trailers) on YouTube. You can also read 253 Mathilde scripts if you'd like.

The Asteroid

253 Mathilde is an asteroid from the main belt, discovered in 1885 and first visited by a human spacecraft in 1997.

In the early 22nd century, with some help from advanced extraterrestrial technology, it was fitted with engines fueled by refined asteroid ore. Launched on humanity's first interstellar mission, it has been accelerating ever since. Now 92 years into a 780 year journey, generations of inhabitants have come and gone in the colony built just below the asteroid's surface.

Communications with Earth involve many months of waiting, so the people of 253 Mathilde are on their own. Some remain dedicated to their mission, others would like to cancel it. Alien passengers have the luxury of sleeping their way through the centuries.

The People

253 Mathilde maintains a steady population of 200 people and 6 Centaurians. Here's some brief biographical summaries:

Salish Peters
Portrayed by David Loftus
A middle aged family man with a husband and two kids, Peters is the chief mechanic. His great-grandfather was the first mission commander, and he never tires of telling people so.
Marissa Flint
Portrayed by Virginia Hargrove
26 year old assistant communications officer. Older sister of Larissa, of whom she's quite protective since their mother died.
Larissa Flint
Portrayed by Lindsay Townsend
An 18 year old apprentice mechanic. Eager, inexperienced and academically gifted younger sister of Marissa Flint.
Doctor Stone
Portrayed by John Gaunce
Doctor Stone has a passion for medicine and a mind for experimental innovation. Nothing frustrates him more than laws that hold him back from trying things that might save his patients.
Portrayed by Roger Arnold
The mayor is the primary authority of the asteroid. He's been mayor for so long that nobody calls him anything but mayor. He was appointed to the role by his predecessor and expects to remain mayor for as long as his health allows. Now in his 60s, he's not ready to slow down.
Arash Ahmadi
Portrayed by Paul Knierim
Detective Ahmadi is the asteroid's law enforcement. Thrust into the role at a young age by the untimely death of his predecessor, he might be in over his head.
Hu Jia
Portrayed by Steph X
Chief Hu runs communications section, handling both internal communication and contact with Earth. She styles herself as a delegator.
Jesús Maradona
Portrayed by Matt Ellis
Maradona is a middle aged ore processor, a hard-working man who was never very important. Now he's begun agitating for a return to Earth, which is raising his profile.
Renata Mutumbo
Portrayed by Kathleen Li
Renata is the adult daughter of the mayor, and she feels ready to take on responsibilities of her own now.
Ambassador Five
Portrayed by espeak
Ambassador Five is a Centaurian, and spends most of his time in hibernetic suspension. Like all Centaurians, his natural language is a combination of body language and pheromones — so he uses a computer translator to speak with humans.
Pepper is the community's emotional support cat, rotated between different sections on a daily basis. She enjoys food, laps, and meowing.

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