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One Offs

These are QuietPlease.org original productions which aren't part of any series.

The Circle of Life
(November 2023 - 33 minutes - Drama)
It's the year 2000, and a middle aged woman's boring life is about to change. This version has no CBSRMT host segments or other elements, nor copyrighted soundtrack elements, nor commercial breaks.
Mystery Theater: The Circle of Life
(September 2023 - 50 minutes - Drama)
This tribute to Himan Brown's Radio Mystery Theater features a middle aged woman whose boring life is about to change.
Victims of Higher Space
(July 2020 - 38 minutes - Science Fiction)
A strange new patient visits an unconventional psychiatric practice. Modernized version of an Algernon Blackwood story.
The Replicator
(September 2018 - 7 minutes - Science Fiction)
The world's first replicator is presented to the company CEO by a nervous employee.
Interviews in the Afterlife
(August 2017 - 18 minutes - Comedy)
A reporter for the St. Paul Times interviews god and the devil.
Meditation on a Leaf Blower
(July 2017 - 6 minutes - Comedy)
Treasure the soothing sounds of the wild leaf blower.
(June 2017 - 16 minutes - Fantasy)
Full cast drama about a San Francisco bum's visits to another world.