The Venetian Blind Man

2018 version
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Episode #94
Aired 1949-04-03
Length: 26:08
Size: 11.9 MB

The original audio of this episode is incomplete, missing ~5 minutes in the middle with a few more minutes being not very intelligible. For the complete experience, you can also listen to a re-creation of it from 2018.

Charles W. Afternoon, the man who knew everything, isn't as dead as he seemed. He and his secretary Ms. Tragacanth are back and breaking the 4th wall again, and this time they're dealing with the criminal underworld in a more comedic way.

Mike Pamson -- or so he calls himself -- is from Venice. He's blind, or at least he says he is. Volcano is an expert on horizontal blinds. Can the two thugs work out which of them is the Venetian Blind Man -- crime boss Orville's feared henchman -- before Orville murders the impostor?

The 2018 re-creation version features Paul Knierim as Charles W. Afternoon and Lindsay Townsend as Ms. Tragacanth. Jeff Lebovici is Pamson, John Alan Gaunce is Volcano and Paul Moss is Orville.

Listen, I'm him. I know all about Venetian blinds. Look. They're a bunch of flat sticks, and they got strips to hold them together, and then go up and down when you pull a string.

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