Rede Me This Riddle

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Episode #78
Aired 1948-12-12
Length: 31:59
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The original production of this episode was lost in the mists of time. Instead, we offer a re-creation of Wyllis Cooper's script produced in December 2021.

What could motivate a king to abandon his kingdom and set out on the road like a beggar for a destination unknown to him? What could cause three different kings from lands far apart to do so at once, and lead to them meeting each other on the road? They don't fully understand the meaning of their journey, but they know it's of paramount importance and worth the sacrifices.

Written in 17th century English style, this Christmas story takes place far longer ago than that.

Featuring Paul Knierim, Brian Hunt, David Loftus and Gary Wallen. Also available on YouTube.

Cherion, rede me this riddle. What means this pouch of precious olibanum that is to be my burthen?

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