Below 5th Avenue

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Episode #52
Aired 1948-05-31
Length: 28:56
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Why does it seem like there's always road work blocking traffic everywhere? Must every road have holes in it? Is it the price of progress, the fault of poor materials, government bureaucracy gone awry, or is it all the work of little green men?

Romney Greel is a bewildered man far behind the times, a man who'd like to tell you a story about what happened to him 20 years ago. He's also a man harassed by unwanted telephone calls. These turn out to be related facts. Take a seat on Romney's couch, make yourself comfortable, and prepare yourself for an incredible tale. But whatever you do, don't crack open a beer or you could be here a lot longer than you intend.

The original broadcast of this episode was lost, but a November 2018 re-creation made for this website is available for listening. Features Paul Knierim, Paul Moss, Colleen Meier and Kenny Robertson.

New York'll be a nice town if they ever get it finished, won't it, Romney?

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