Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Episode #10
Aired 1947-08-24
Length: 31:42
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The original broadcast audio of this episode is not known to exist anywhere. Instead, we have a re-creation made for this site in August 2018 which you can enjoy.

Oliver is a timid man, unable to stand up for himself. His boss Everwein walks all over him, and his wife Caroline pays no attention to him.

Oliver isn't a violent man, but he has a habit of wishing violence on people. This isn't much of a problem until one day he looks into the mirror and another side of him comes out.

This story is largely a phone conversation of which the listener can hear only one side. Large amounts of time are consumed by repeatedly counting to ten. You wouldn't think it could work, and yet it does. The result is a suspenseful and strikingly real insight into the minds of a man who's become two people.

Features Paul Knierim, Brian Hunt, Colleen Meier.

I am going to sit here and think of different ways to murder Mr. Klaus Everwein, my favorite art-director, and perhaps that Peterson girl, or whatever her name is, and possibly Caroline, the wife of my bosom. And if you continue to shout in my ear about bowling, I shall include you.

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