The Big Box

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Episode #15
Aired 1947-09-15
Length: 25:47
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The original audio of this episode was lost to the ravages of time, so instead we have a February 2019 re-production made for this site from the original script.

George is a long haul trucker who has a one day layover in Dallas before visiting his girlfriend in Chicago. When the dispatcher tries to convince him to take a truck to Big Spring instead, he thinks nothing can convince him -- until he learns that his old buddy Cavanagh, who he hasn't seen since before the war, will be in Big Spring.

This story begins at the end, with Cavanagh missing and three people dead under suspicious circumstances. A policeman interviews George. How did we get here?

Features Paul Knierim, Phil Normand, David Feldmann and Gary Wallen.

So I'm down at the dispatcher's office yesterday afternoon, batting the breeze with a couple guys I know, and wishing I had a beer, even if I had to drink Texas beer, and I hear the dispatcher hollerin' at me.

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