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Episode #63
Aired 1948-08-30
Length: 27:39
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The original audio of this episode was lost to time, but you can listen to a re-creation which was produced for this site in 2019.

Every tragedy has a history, often invisible. A myriad of stresses, large and small, accumulate into a release. Even the most common annoyances, like weather or noise, can build up to push someone over the edge.

It's a hot night in New York City. Somewhere a baby is crying. Al sits in his uncomfortable apartment waiting for his estranged wife Marge to arrive so they can talk over their problems and try to put things right.

This is another episode demonstrating Wyllis Cooper's love for simple stories where pretty much nothing happens, and yet the emotional swings are dramatic. In "Motive" a man sits in a room alone for the entire show, and yet it makes compelling radio.

Features Paul Knierim, Virginia Hargrove and David Feldmann.

I'll go crazy if you don't get here pretty soon, Marge! Oh, Marge, please hurry!

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