The Gothic Tale

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Episode #79
Aired 1948-12-19
Length: 31:05
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Port Hueneme today is a bustling commercial hub with a major naval base on the southwestern coast of California. There was a time not so long ago when it was a beautiful, peaceful wilderness worthy of its' name -- which means resting place. Gunnar has seen the world, but there's nowhere he'd rather be than back in Hueneme.

Despite the overwhelming feeling of safety, Hueneme and the islands dotting the sea just off shore are full of secrets. The locals warn of supernatural spirits and urge people to be careful. But if Hueneme is haunted, must the spirits be evil? Can spirits not love as well as hate? Can a spirit from a place as beautiful and peaceful as Hueneme truly be an evil thing?

The original audio of this episode is missing. Instead, we have a re-creation made for this site in January 2019. This re-creation is in stereo, so headphones are recommended for best effect. Features Paul Knierim, Paul Moss, Colleen Meier and Kenny Robertson.

Where the salt-grass grew in the hollows of the dunes there is concrete and steel and great buildings; where the house was there is a confusion of men and machines and echoing high walls. And the wet sand that gleamed darkly for so many lonely, lovely miles is far below the wide concrete roads and the massive buildings, and the ghosts that lived at Hueneme seek their homes in vain.

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