One Hundred Thousand Diameters

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Episode #53
Aired 1948-06-07
Length: 27:35
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The electron microscope allows us to see things unimaginably tiny. That's great. But what if we could not just see them but bring these microscopic things into our world? What if we could take the unimaginably tiny and make it actually large so we can interact with it on the macroscopic level? Imagine the potential for medical research, for battleships with the armor of beetles, for innovations of all kinds.

Imagine the dangers. Imagine a virus the size of a dog. Imagine it feeding, reproducing and populating our world. It could be a pandemic unlike any other.

Features Paul Knierim, Lindsay Townsend, Brian Hunt and David Loftus.

Just be still. It’ll go away in a second: all you have to do is play dead! And don’t look at it!

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