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Title Quiet Please podcast
Message Text Thought I'd share this with other Quiet Please listeners in case anybody else finds it useful. After getting hooked in by The Thing on the Fourble Board earlier in the year, and faced with an 87-episode collection on archive.org, I couldn't think of an easy way to digest the entire series (I didn't want to fill up my MP3 player and try to keep track of which episodes I'd listened to, and I didn't want to have to manually copy a few across every week). I ended up writing a script to make a podcast of Quiet Please episodes, delivering one a week to my phone's podcast player, which was naturally geared up to keeping track of which episode I was on - it didn't take much to expand that into a generic service for converting archive.org collections (or any old pile of MP3s) into podcasts.

You can subscribe to the Quiet Please podcast at http://fourble.co.uk/podcast/quietplease
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