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Title QP in Sioux City & elsewhere
Message Text 1. More QP in Sioux City:
A live, on-stage Halloween-season performance of classic radio mystery dramas will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18th at the Orpheum Theatre by the Great Plains Radio Theatre Project, a Sioux City based, non-profit organization that brings radio drama alive to Siouxland. Selected radio scripts will include the 1949 radio adaptation of George Orwell's classic novel 1984 as the centerpiece. Two other spooky radio dramas written by Wyllis Cooper for the Quiet, Please! radio series entitled The Thing on the Fourble Board (1948) and Don’t Tell Me About Halloween (1947) will be performed. These performances will be accentuated by both digital and acoustical sound effects, as well as Dave Soelberg playing the "Mighty Wurlitzer" organ. As an added attraction, members of the Western Iowa Tech Community College choir will sing the radio commercial jingles that were aired during these radio dramas. This special one-night event will be broadcast live on Sioux City's KSCJ radio (1360 AM). ...

Source: www.orpheumlive.com/events/...s/showEvent.php?p=1&ID=295

2. QP in Franklin, PA - Here's an excerpt from a post in the OTRDigest:
Our bunch of OTR actors here in Franklin PA are on track to do our fifth night of OTR live in front of anybody who has seven dollars. It's our Halloween show, so it should be a goodie. We're doing "Good Ghost" from Quiet Please, "The House in Cypress Canyon" from Suspense and Ozzie and Harriet's "Haunted House" episode. ...

No further info is given.

3. The Middlebury Radio Theater of Thrills & Suspense recently posted their version of Cooper's Lights Out play "Death Robbery." An mp3 file can be downloaded from this page:


It's described as being "From the series that brought you Cat Wife and Slurp! Goes the Ameoba, Death Robbery. Enough Said." I think it's a little more listenable than their versions of Inquest and Amoeba -- but that may not be saying much.

3. Speaking of Amoeba, it was scheduled to air on a Florida radio station back in late August or early September:

The Charlotte Players' Readers Theater performs two 30-minute radio dramas, "Slurp Goes the Amoeba" and "The Saga of Port Charlotte Pete," starting at 10 a.m. Saturday on WKII 1070 AM

Source: news-press.com

4. Recent blog post about the QP episode "Light the Lamp for Me" includes a link to quietplease.org and the blogger's alternate ending to the story:

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