I am Ernest Chappell's granddaughter

Title I am Ernest Chappell's granddaughter
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I happened on this site while searching my family's names on the Internet. I am Ernest Chappell's granddaughter. Thank you for starting this website as I am extremely touched wink regarding the fondness of my Grandpa Chappy and Quiet, Please. My grandmother, his late wife, died last May and I find myself thinking of both of my grandparents and missing them both.

Grandpa Chappy, as I remember him, was a man of integrity and great fondness of the theatre and acting. I see him so vividly sitting behind his desk in his great big white chair and oh how wise he was...

I have his old peg desk from the farm he owned. I am having to get rid of some of my funiture. If anyone is interested in buying it I'd love to hear from you. I could email any interested parties some photos of it. I am having a difficult time letting it go and don't want to sell it to just anyone. I would like someone to have it that would truely appreciate it.

If anyone has any questions about my grandpa I will do my best to find out some answers and once again thank you so much for admiring him as I know my grandma and the rest of my family did!!

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