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Posted Oct 10, 2003 - 7:26 PM:

Okay, here's another transcript. Also, I'm working on the second version of "In the House Where I was Born."

Shadow of the Wings
Episode #95
Aired: 17 April 1949

CHAPPELL: Quiet, please.


CHAPPELL: Quiet, please.


ANNOUNCER: The American Broadcasting Company presents "Quiet, Please!" which
is written and directed by Wyllis Cooper and which features Ernest Chappell.
"Quiet, Please!" for today is called "Shadow of the Wings."


CAROL SUE: Over there, mommy.

MOTHER: Yes, dear, of course. Course you saw him.

CAROL SUE: Not his face, though.

MOTHER: Of course not, darling.

CAROL SUE: I wish there was some nice medicine.

MOTHER: I know it tastes awful, honey, but - it's medicine.

CAROL SUE: It doesn't make me well.

MOTHER: It will, dear. Open your mouth.

CAROL SUE: I've been taking it ever so long. Ew. Have you got to go away,

MOTHER: Doctor Sam says you must have your rest, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: I just rest all the time.

MOTHER: I know, dear. Mommy doesn't like to leave you all alone so much but--

CAROL SUE: I wish HE'D talk to me.

MOTHER: Shall I put your dolly on the bed beside you, dear?

CAROL SUE: She doesn't talk, either. Besides, amn't I getting too big for
dollies now?

MOTHER: Do you feel all right, dear?

CAROL SUE: [in pain] I hurt.

MOTHER: [sympathetic] Oh, darling.

CAROL SUE: I always hurt, Mommy. It doesn't make any difference. I just get

MOTHER: Mommy's right in the next room all the time, dear.

CAROL SUE: I know.

MOTHER: Maybe the medicine'll stop the hurt.

CAROL SUE: Wouldn't you tell me a story, please?

MOTHER: Honey, it just breaks Mommy's heart she can't stay and tell you a
story but Doctor Sam says you mustn't get excited, don't you see?

CAROL SUE: I wouldn't get excited, Mommy.

MOTHER: I have to do what Doctor Sam says, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: I wouldn't get VERY excited.

MOTHER: Mm, you try to sleep now, dear, will you?

CAROL SUE: I do try.

MOTHER: And have nice dreams.

CAROL SUE: HE'S not a dream, Mommy.

MOTHER: I know, dear.

CAROL SUE: He just stands there by the window and he never says anything to

MOTHER: Of course, dear.

CAROL SUE: I wish he'd talk to me. Or tell me a story.

MOTHER: Maybe he will, dear, if you go right to sleep.

CAROL SUE: He never says anything.

MOTHER: Where is he now, dear?

CAROL SUE: He goes away whenever you come in. Or anybody comes in.

MOTHER: Where does he go?

CAROL SUE: Just away.

MOTHER: What's he look like, dear? Won't you drink the rest of the medicine?

CAROL SUE: I drank ever so much medicine. Why - I don't know.

MOTHER: Don't know what, Carol Sue?

CAROL SUE: What he looks like. I never-- Well, I mean, I - I don't really see
him. He's always there by the window and when I look real hard--

MOTHER: Just another little drop, dear.

CAROL SUE: Ew. -- Look real hard, I don't see him.

MOTHER: Of course.

CAROL SUE: But he's there, Mother.

MOTHER: Of course. Now, Mommy must go, dear.

CAROL SUE: Just another little minute, Mommy.

MOTHER: Darling--


MOTHER: What, dear?

CAROL SUE: He really is here.


CAROL SUE: And he's thinking about me all the time, Mommy.

MOTHER: Yes, darling.

CAROL SUE: I can hear him thinking, "Carol Sue, Carol Sue," all the time. I
wish he'd talk to me.


AZRAEL: [congenial] Michael, Michael, put up your sword! It is only I, your
brother. Why, I am no demon, Michael. I am no plotter against the throne. I am
your brother. [chuckles] Why, you'd have run me through with that great
shining sword, Michael, if I'd not spoken. And then what of the world? Be not
so ready with the sword, Michael. Are you a-grown testy these latter days? Are
you grown a little proud, a little vainglorious in your old age? Remember our
brother that grew proud, Michael, and bought not yourself.

Oh, no, I will not say his name. I know the Law and his name is forgotten
amongst us.

Nay, nay, Michael, I jested with you. Be not angry, for it is not often that I
jest, Michael.

Is all well? Is it well with my brothers? Is it well with you?

Yes, I am well. I am always well.

Too well, Michael? Ha, ha, now, you jest! Farewell awhile, there is one who
waits on me and her I must attend.


CAROL SUE: Oh! You DID come back! I was so lonesome all by myself. Mommy says
she can't stay here with me. Mommy says I have to be alone so I won't get
excited and she won't stay with me. But you did come back. I knew you'd come
back. [sobs] I'm so sick. But I - I'm not so lonesome now.

Why do you stand by the window where I can't see you? I won't get excited,
really. Wouldn't you come and sit on the bed and talk to me? Tell me a story?
Please. Mommy doesn't think you really come to see me. Wouldn't you come away
from over there in the shadows so I can see you? Oh ... please. If you'd only
just talk to me.


CAROL SUE: I wouldn't get excited. I - I promise I won't get excited because I
know what'll happen if I do. I heard Mommy talking to Doctor Sam. Doctor Sam
says if I get excited, I'll die. Won't you come and talk to me, please,
Mister? Are you a ghost?

I don't think you're a ghost because I'm not afraid of you. Please come and
talk to me. Please.

AZRAEL: Carol Sue...


MOTHER: Carol Sue? Are you awake, dear?

CAROL SUE: He's gone away, Mommy.

MOTHER: Darling, I thought you-- You must go to sleep.

CAROL SUE: I can't sleep, Mommy.

MOTHER: You mustn't talk to yourself, dear. You must--

CAROL SUE: I wasn't talking to myself. I was talking to him.

MOTHER: Oh, darling. You were asleep. You were dreaming.

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy. He was right there by the window.

MOTHER: There's nobody here, dear. You were having a dream.


MOTHER: Honey, there couldn't be-- [suddenly concerned] Carol Sue?

CAROL SUE: Yes, Mommy?

MOTHER: Carol Sue, have you been over here by the window?

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy.

MOTHER: Are you sure, honey? Are - are you sure?

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy, I've been right here in bed all the time. Why, Mommy?

MOTHER: [worried, disbelief] Somebody's been there by the window, dear.

CAROL SUE: Mommy, I told you. He stands there by the window.


AZRAEL: Well met, Raphael! Well met, my brother! It is not too often that we
two meet here in the High Place, Raphael. We must winnow the world, you and I,
and there's no rest for either of us, is there? How goes the pathfinding,

Yea, it's a sad and thankless task, this labor of yours, well I know. For many
a time in the night, I've heard the Lost Ones cry, "Raphael, come and lead us,
we have gone astray!" And sometime I have answered their pleas in your behalf.
And little enough thanks do I get when I take their hands, saying, "Come with

No, no. Michael and the Other Brother -- Michael, with his flashing shield and
great, gleaming sword -- he and the Young One, they need never walk the ways
of the world seeking, as you and I do. Tell me, are you ever weary?

Ah, there is no rest, is there? Well, then, goodspeed, Raphael. Go about your
wayfaring. I return to mine.


MOTHER: Tell me, Doctor Sam.

DOCTOR: I can't understand it, Margaret. I simply can't understand it at all.

MOTHER: She's - not getting better.

DOCTOR: I can't understand it.

MOTHER: She's taking the medicine that you prescribed, Doctor Sam. Every day,
just as you said, I stand right there beside her bed and watch her drink it.

DOCTOR: I know, I know, Margaret. I can tell she's taking the medicine.

MOTHER: Well -- what are we going to do then, Doctor Sam?

DOCTOR: Margaret, the child simply must be kept quiet at all costs.

MOTHER: She IS being kept quiet.

DOCTOR: Look, Margaret, I know a little about mothers myself. I know how you
feel. I-- Margaret, you've got to stay out of Carol Sue's room.

MOTHER: I do stay out.

DOCTOR: Then, who goes in her room?

MOTHER: What did she tell you, Doctor Sam?

DOCTOR: Who goes in there?

MOTHER: Doctor Sam, what did she tell you?

DOCTOR: Has she mentioned it to you?

MOTHER: Did - did she tell you about - by the window?

DOCTOR: She did.

MOTHER: It wasn't I, Doctor Sam.

DOCTOR: It was an extraordinarily vivid dream then, Margaret.

MOTHER: It - wasn't a dream, Sam.

DOCTOR: Well, Margaret?

MOTHER: There was somebody there.


DOCTOR: I know there was, Margaret.


DOCTOR: You don't know?

MOTHER: I don't know.

DOCTOR: Cross your heart, Margaret?

MOTHER: I don't know, Sam! Maybe--


MOTHER: Maybe it was-- ... Death.


AZRAEL: Still waiting, Gabriel? A long, long time, Eternity, Brother. A
long, long time since the black darkness lay upon the face of the waters and
there was no light. Aye, and a long, long time of waiting till darkness
descend again at the sound of yonder great golden trumpet. How long since you
have looked upon the fair green hills of the world, Gabriel? How long since
your eyes have beheld the blue of the waters and felt the winds of the West
upon your cheek?

So many countless years, Gabriel. And yet it's fair and beautiful as first we
saw it that day so very long ago. No day goes by, Gabriel, that I do not walk
upon the Earth, nor any night. Would you change places with me, Gabriel, and
walk as I do among men?

You would not? You would not have my task? Well, fortunate, Gabriel, for there
is no choice. Though I weary of the hills and the mountains and the long sweet
plains of Earth, I have my task. And my task I must perform. Michael with his
sword, Michael the Captain of the Host. Raphael the Seeker Out who walks the
Earth in a gentler task than mine. And you, who wait the word as we four
waited it before the evening and the morning of the first day. Wait, Gabriel.
Eternity may not be so very long.

Farewell, my brother - there is a vigil to keep!


MOTHER: I'll go in. I'll stay with her and watch, Doctor Sam.

DOCTOR: Is she asleep?

MOTHER: She's very quiet.

DOCTOR: Oh, don't wake her, Margaret.

MOTHER: No. I'll watch. I'll stay awake and - if -

DOCTOR: Be very quiet.

MOTHER: I'll be very quiet. Good night, Doctor Sam.

DOCTOR: Good night, Margaret. You'll call me?

MOTHER: I'll call you.


MOTHER: Carol Sue? [no answer] Carol Sue? [no answer, upset] Carol Sue,
darling? [long pause, then a sigh of relief] Oh, sleep, dear. Mommy'll watch
over you.

CAROL SUE: I'm not asleep, Mommy.

MOTHER: Oh. Dear, did I wake you?

CAROL SUE: No, I was awake, Mommy.

MOTHER: Shall Mommy give you the medicine?

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy, I don't hurt much. I was just lying here, waiting.

MOTHER: Waiting?

CAROL SUE: I thought HE was here. But he wasn't.

MOTHER: Who is he, dear?

CAROL SUE: I don't know.

MOTHER: Do - you dream him, dear?

CAROL SUE: Oh, no, Mommy.

MOTHER: Mommy'll be very quiet, dear, so you can sleep.

CAROL SUE: All right.

MOTHER: Go to sleep, dear.


CAROL SUE: Mommy? [no answer] Mommy? [no answer] Mommy?!

AZRAEL: Mommy is asleep, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: [stunned and delighted] Why - you're talking to me!

AZRAEL: I cannot forever keep silent, child.

CAROL SUE: I can't see you.

AZRAEL: Yet I am with thee.

CAROL SUE: You talk strange.

AZRAEL: Well ...

CAROL SUE: Won't you come over here, where I can see you?

AZRAEL: Perhaps you would not like what you would see, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Why? Are you ugly?

AZRAEL: No man has ever seen my face ...


AZRAEL: ... and lived.

CAROL SUE: I can see your shadow - on the floor.


CAROL SUE: It looks as if you have - have wings. Do you have wings?

AZRAEL: Yes, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Tell me about them. What's your name?

AZRAEL: Great dark wings that cast a shadow when there is no light. Great
black wings, Carol Sue, the color of the deepest midnight.

CAROL SUE: Are you an angel? Come and - sit by me, angel.

AZRAEL: I have been at your side, little Carol Sue, for all your life.

CAROL SUE: You're my - guardian angel, then? I knew you couldn't be a ghost
because I wasn't afraid of you.

AZRAEL: You do not fear me, then, Carol Sue?

CAROL SUE: Why, no. Of course not. Come and sit by me. Be careful. Don't wake


CAROL SUE: Mommy's tired. She takes such good care of me. She and Doctor Sam.

AZRAEL: I know, little Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Will you tell me a story?

AZRAEL: [pause, reluctant at first, then deliberately, with feeling] I will
tell you a story - of a little girl - who lies in a great bed - in a room by
herself - and dreams - while she is awake.


AZRAEL: A patient little girl - who has never known what it is to walk, like
other little girls, who must lie in bed, alone, and always be in pain.

CAROL SUE: [matter of fact] I am always in pain. But I've learned not to mind

AZRAEL: Who has learned many, many things in the Great White Bed in the lonely

CAROL SUE: [reflecting] I have learned many, many things.

AZRAEL: A little girl who knows that Death will come for her very soon. Who
knows - and does not fear.

CAROL SUE: What's the little girl's name?

AZRAEL: You know her name.

CAROL SUE: Carol Sue?

AZRAEL: [nearly simultaneous] Carol Sue.


CAROL SUE: What's it like to die? [no answer] What's it like to die?

AZRAEL: That, I - cannot tell you, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Don't you know? [no answer] Don't you?

AZRAEL: Yes. ... I know.

CAROL SUE: Is it like going to sleep? Is it--? Will I go to Heaven? Is it -
like - nothing, Angel?

AZRAEL: Do not ask me, Carol Sue. It is forbidden that I tell.

CAROL SUE: Won't you tell me anything about dying?

AZRAEL: I will say to you - be not afraid.

CAROL SUE: I don't think I'm afraid, Angel. But I'll be sorry for Mommy. Mommy
loves me.


CAROL SUE: And I love Mommy.


CAROL SUE: [in pain] Oh, I hurt.

AZRAEL: If you take my hand, Carol Sue--

CAROL SUE: If I take your hand, I'll die. ... Won't I, Angel?

AZRAEL: Yes, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Will you - will you tell me a story before you take my hand, Angel?
It's been so long since anybody told me a story.

AZRAEL: There's so little time, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: Just a little story, then. Please.

AZRAEL: Well, there are so many stories. And they all end the same way.

CAROL SUE: Tell me a story about other little boys and girls, Angel.

AZRAEL: I remember a story.

CAROL SUE: Tell me. Please.

AZRAEL: It is written that every living thing must one day face me and, having
faced me, come with me.

CAROL SUE: Die, you mean?

AZRAEL: Aye, it is so written.

CAROL SUE: Don't you ever--? I mean, uh, don't you ever let somebody go on

AZRAEL: No mortal man, Carol Sue.

CAROL SUE: But no boys and girls?

AZRAEL: [pause] There was a time - and it was long years ago - and it was in a
place called - Egypt. Now, in this place called Egypt, there was a great
people held in captivity - by the dreadful Pharaoh of Egypt.

CAROL SUE: Did he die? The Pharaoh?

AZRAEL: His time came at last and he came away with me. But, in this time of
which I speak, when the people of Egypt held these others in bondage so that
they must labor under the whips and lashes of the overseers, there rose a
great man who was appointed to lead his people out of that bondage - and, O,
through his faith, he worked many miracles against the Egyptians. Yet did the
wicked Pharaoh never remember his promises and still held the men and the

CAROL SUE: And the boys and girls?

AZRAEL: All the people he held in captivity. And so, there came a night - and
well I remember, for it was this very time of the year - and in Egypt, the
nights were hot and the people suffered so - and the leader prayed and behold,
the word was in him. And he went to his people and spoke to them. "Woe to the
Egyptian host," he said, "Woe unto them - and their children."

CAROL SUE: Even the children, Angel?

AZRAEL: Hearken to me. Now came the long night - and the moon was darkened -
and the heat lay upon the land and in the houses like a bell spirit. And, in
the night, I was bidden go forth and slay the children of all the land, even
the first-born of the Egyptians.

CAROL SUE: All the little children, Angel?

AZRAEL: But the houses of the people who were in bondage, in each of those
houses the people took a lamb and slew it. Then, with the lamb's blood did
they mark the lintels of their doors. Therefore, I, having the bidding, did
descend upon the land of Egypt and I did take away all the first-born of the
Egyptians. But in the houses where the blood of the lamb was set upon the
lintels, I entered not. And their first-born I spared - that they lived.

CAROL SUE: Lived forever, Angel?

AZRAEL: No mortal lives forever, my child. At that time, I passed them over
but when their time came, I laid my hand on their shoulders and said, "Come
with me to thy long home for it is finished."

CAROL SUE: And they died, too.

AZRAEL: As all must die. Now, you have heard your story of how I spared the
lives of the children for a time - and in a good cause. Now, will you take my

CAROL SUE: [sadly] They all died.


CAROL SUE: I thought it was going to be a happy story - but it's all about

AZRAEL: My stories all have the same end, Carol Sue. Come, take my hand.

CAROL SUE: Can I say good-bye to Mommy, first? Mommy? Mommy?


CAROL SUE: Mommy?!

MOTHER: [awakens] Carol Sue?


MOTHER: [confused] Wa - Was I asleep?

CAROL SUE: Yes, Mommy. Mommy, I--

MOTHER: [startled, grim] There's someone in this room. Carol Sue?

CAROL SUE: Yes, Mommy?

MOTHER: There's someone-- Who is it? Who is it?!

CAROL SUE: Tell, Angel.

MOTHER: Where is he? I - I can't see. It - it - it's so dark.

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy, you mustn't see him.

MOTHER: Eh - A shadow. On the floor.

CAROL SUE: It's his shadow, Mommy.

MOTHER: [terrified] Carol, no, no, the shadow of wings!

CAROL SUE: His wings, Mommy.

MOTHER: Who - who - who are you? Answer me, who?!

AZRAEL: My name is Azrael.

MOTHER: Azrael?!

AZRAEL: Azrael. The black-winged of the archangels.

MOTHER: [moans in distress]

AZRAEL: Azrael of the veiled face. I am Azrael.

CAROL SUE: The Angel of Death.

MOTHER: No! No, no! Where are you?! Where?! Carol Sue, where?!

AZRAEL: I am here.

MOTHER: You'll not take her!

AZRAEL: I will take her.

MOTHER: You can't! You won't!

AZRAEL: She cannot stop me. I am Azrael.

MOTHER: Oh, no, Azrael, not my child! Not my own Carol Sue! No!

AZRAEL: I have stood at her bedside for these many nights and she has known I
was here. The time of waiting is over. Come, child, take my hand.


MOTHER: No! Give her back to me! Give her back!


MOTHER: I'll fight you! I'll-- Doctor Sam! Help! Doctor Sam! [shrieks, sobs]

AZRAEL: He knows it is useless to call him. He has done his best. And he did
not prevail over me.

MOTHER: Ohhh! Where are you?! I'll fight you myself!

AZRAEL: Look not on me, mortal.

MOTHER: I'll fight!

AZRAEL: You fight me to no avail, woman. For I am always the winner. I am the

MOTHER: Carol Sue!

CAROL SUE: No, Mommy, it's too late. I've seen his face.

MOTHER: Azrael! Azrael, have mercy!

CAROL SUE: I'm not afraid, Mommy.

MOTHER: Where are you, Carol Sue?! Where are you?!

AZRAEL: She has taken my hand.

MOTHER: [weeps]

AZRAEL: Say your good-byes, Mother.

MOTHER: Azrael, have pity on me! Have mercy!

AZRAEL: It may not be.




CAROL SUE: No! No, no, Mommy!

MOTHER: Have you no pity? Must you snatch her away from--?!

CAROL SUE: Mommy, I love you.


AZRAEL: I have my duty. I may not falter.

MOTHER: [sobs]

AZRAEL: Come, child...

MOTHER: Azrael!

AZRAEL: ... we must go.

MOTHER: [desperate] Azrael, listen to me!

AZRAEL: I dare not.

MOTHER: Haven't you ever spared a child? Haven't you--?

CAROL SUE: He told me about the children in Egypt, Mother. He spared them and--

MOTHER: Yes, yes, Azrael! You spared the children of Passover! Spare my

CAROL SUE: But they all died, Mother, when their time came.

AZRAEL: It is time.

MOTHER: No, it seems so merciless! Can no one escape your hand and your black
wings?! Azrael!

AZRAEL: Hearken to me, woman.

MOTHER: Azrael!

AZRAEL: Hearken. Not one has ever escaped my hand.

MOTHER: Azrael!

AZRAEL: Cease, woman.

MOTHER: Azrael!

AZRAEL: I may not let her stay.

MOTHER: Azrael!

AZRAEL: Never have I--

MOTHER: Remember!

AZRAEL: Remember?

MOTHER: Remember!


AZRAEL: Why -- I remember. Why, well I remember.

MOTHER: [weakly] Azrael ...

AZRAEL: A certain high hill - shaped like to a man's skull - and a great
clamorous crowd and the Roman soldiers casting dice for a cloak. And three
tall crosses high above the heads of the multitude. Two thieves in agony,
crying out for my hand and the shadow of my dark wings. And the voice saying:
"Today, thou shalt be with me in Paradise." And so they came away with me.

MOTHER: [stronger] And the Other.

AZRAEL: And His torments were a thousandfold what they had suffered. And I
shall never in all eternity forget the look on His face - so that I turned my
face away from His. And I, the Angel of Death, knew pity. I, the very Angel of
Death! And the lightnings flashed and the very earth was rent asunder. And I
could not-- And I, the merciless messenger, I, Azrael - I but laid the tip of
my finger on His shoulder!


AZRAEL: In three days--

Why, this is the day itself!

This is the day He arose!

Take thy daughter, woman!

Keep her to cherish her and bend thy knee in thanksgiving to the Most High.

Michael! Michael! Rafael, Gabriel!

Archangel brothers!





ANNOUNCER: The title of today's "Quiet, Please!" story is "Shadow of the
Wings." It was written and directed by Wyllis Cooper. The man who spoke to you
was Ernest Chappell.

CHAPPELL: And Carol Sue was played by Cecil Roy. Doctor Sam was William
Marshall and the Mother was Bess Johnson. As usual, music for "Quiet, Please!"
is by Albert Buhrmann.

Now, about next week, our writer-director, Wyllis Cooper.

COOPER: Thank you for listening to "Quiet, Please!" Next week, I have a
Scottish story for you called "The Vale of Glencoe."

CHAPPELL: And so, until next week at this same time, I am quietly yours,
Ernest Chappell.


ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned to this ABC station for Drew Pearson who follows
immediately over most of these same ABC stations. This is ABC, the American
Broadcasting Company.
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