Please help me find a specific episode.
I believe the episode was titled " The Power of Sentences " It definitely had the word sentence in the episode name & begins as if a teacher is teaching students how to create sentences. The first is a 2 word sentence like 'I exist' then he builds more complex sentences & shows how you need like a noun/pronoun & a preposition (I think) but as he makes more complex sentences it is as if two aliens begin having a conversation that draws you in & builds the story around their sentences back & forth & you discover that they are serious foes. It is extremely creative & I want to hear it again. Can/Will someone guide me to this episode if possible?
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Posted Feb 05, 2015 - 4:19 AM:

Can anyone tell me what episode is built around a teacher discussing the " power of sentences " I. believe was the phrase used. It is brilliant. It begins as a teacher is teaching the most basic sentence & as he begins to make more complex sentences it is as if the " characters " take over and begin drawing you into a feud between two " alien " foes and their conversation that becomes the storyline. I am sure that it was played on ROK Sci-fi & Supernatural streaming audio on Wednesday February 4th's, 2015 Quiet Please show that aired @ 17:00 GMT which is 11am CST(12pm Eastern/9am Pacific) over Tune-In Audio. Again I believe the episode was called " The Power of A Sentence " or possibly " The Power of Sentences ". I believe it shows the brilliant mind of the script writer Willis ... yall know who I am talking about. The episode is not listed in any of the sites I have checked. I will double check & make sure it was not a "Mindwebs" episode, but I'm near certain about it. Please & Thanks
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Posted Feb 05, 2015 - 1:17 PM:

I don't think that could be a Quiet Please, because I haven't heard it, and I've heard every existing Quiet Please. The only one with two narrators that comes to mind is I Have Been Looking For You, but that's a love story not a feud.
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