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Posted Mar 17, 2023 - 6:51 PM:

Asked ChatGPT to write a new Quiet Please episode:

Title: The Midnight Train


  • Walter, the protagonist and narrator
  • Susan, Walter's wife
  • The Conductor, a mysterious figure
  • Mr. Thompson, a fellow passenger
  • The Porter, a railway employee

Scene 1: Walter and Susan's home

Nighttime; Walter and Susan are discussing their plans for a vacation.

Walter: (Narrating) It was just an ordinary evening when my wife Susan and I were discussing our plans for a much-needed vacation. We had been working hard and needed a break from our daily routine.

Susan: Walter, I was thinking we could take a train trip to the countryside. It's so peaceful and relaxing, and we haven't been on a train in years.

Walter: That sounds like a great idea, Susan. Let's book our tickets for this weekend.

They book their train tickets for the Midnight Train; scene transitions to the train station.

Scene 2: At the train station

Walter and Susan are waiting for the Midnight Train to arrive. The station is eerily quiet.

Walter: (Narrating) We arrived at the station just in time to see the Midnight Train pulling in. There was something strangely alluring about it, and I couldn't shake the feeling that this trip would be unlike any other we'd taken before.

Susan: (Excited) Oh, Walter, look! The train is here! Let's find our seats.

They board the train and settle into their compartment.

Scene 3: On the Midnight Train

As the train begins to move, Walter and Susan notice the unusual atmosphere.

Walter: (Narrating) The train was almost empty, with just a few passengers scattered throughout the dimly lit cars. The silence was deafening, and we could feel a strange energy in the air.

Susan: (Whispering) Walter, do you feel that? It's so... quiet.

Walter: Yes, I do. Let's try to get some sleep, and hopefully, we'll feel better in the morning.

They lie down to sleep but are interrupted by a knock on their compartment door.

The Conductor: (Softly) Tickets, please.

Walter hands over their tickets, and the Conductor moves on.

Scene 4: Meeting Mr. Thompson

The next morning, Walter and Susan meet Mr. Thompson, a fellow passenger who shares some unsettling stories about the Midnight Train.

Mr. Thompson: (Whispering) I've heard this train only runs once a year, on this very night, and it's said to carry those who are seeking answers to the mysteries of their lives.

Susan: (Intrigued) What sort of mysteries?

Mr. Thompson: (Pauses) Some say it's a journey to confront one's deepest fears.

Walter and Susan exchange a worried glance.

Scene 5: The Confrontation

As the train approaches its destination, Walter, Susan, and Mr. Thompson are confronted by their deepest fears. They must face them in order to complete their journey.

Walter: (Narrating) As we neared the end of our trip, we were forced to confront our fears. For Susan, it was her fear of losing control, and for me, it was the fear of the unknown.

They face their fears and come out stronger as a result.

Scene 6: The Arrival

The train arrives at its destination, and the passengers disembark, changed by their experiences.

Walter: (Narrating) We arrived at our destination, changed by our journey on the Midnight Train. Though it was a harrowing experience, we had grown stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Susan: Walter, I'm so glad we took this trip. It was a journey we'll never forget.

Walter: (Smiling) Me too, Susan. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

They walk away from the train station, hand in hand, ready to face whatever life throws at them.

The End


Feels more Twilight Zone than Quiet Please to me really.

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Avatar Paul
Posted Mar 17, 2023 - 6:56 PM:

With a bit of prompting:

Title: The Voice in the Woods

Fade in:

CHAPPELL: (in his signature deep voice) This is Quiet Please. I'm Ernest Chappell. And I have a story for you. A story that begins with me, walking through a dense forest, searching for something I can't quite name.

I'm on a journey. A journey to find myself and figure out what I want from life. But I don't realize that the journey I've embarked upon will take me down a path I never could have imagined.

As I walk deeper into the woods, I start to feel a strange sense of unease.

CHAPPELL: (as himself) Why do I feel like I'm being watched?

Suddenly, I hear a voice calling out to me from the woods.

VOICE: (whispering) Ernest.

I'm startled. I look around, but there's no one around. The voice keeps calling out to me, getting louder and more insistent.

VOICE: (louder) Ernest. Ernest.

I don't know what to do or who to turn to. I'm lost and afraid, with no clear path forward.

VOICE: (ominous) I have a message for you. A warning.

A warning? About what?

The voice in the woods has a message for me. A message that will change the course of my life and the world around me.

As I walk deeper into the woods, I begin to notice strange symbols etched into the trees and rocks around me. They seem to be pointing me in a specific direction.

CHAPPELL: (as himself) This must be it. This must be where I'm supposed to go.

I follow the symbols and eventually come across a clearing in the woods. In the center of the clearing, I see a strange object pulsing with energy.

CHAPPELL: (as himself) What is that?

VOICE: (returning) That, Ernest, is the key to unlocking your destiny.

I realize that the voice in the woods has been guiding me all along, leading me to this moment and this object.

CHAPPELL: (as himself) I'm ready. I'm ready to unlock my destiny.

I reach out and touch the object, feeling a surge of energy coursing through my body. I realize that I have been chosen for a greater purpose, one that will change the course of my life and the world around me.

As I leave the clearing and make my way back to civilization, I know that I will never forget the voice in the woods and the message it had for me.

Fade out.

CHAPPELL: That was Quiet Please. I'm Ernest Chappell. Until next time, be quiet...please.
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Posted Mar 28, 2023 - 6:04 PM:

And the message is:

VOICE: (WHISPERING) "Pell Mells ... cause cancer ........"

smiling face
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