Kill Me Again

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Episode #24
Aired 1947-11-17
Length: 23:52
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It's an age old scenario: the devil shows up at your door, and he offers to buy your soul. Mr. Davis is a shrewd businessman, so he's very interested in negotiating a deal. A million dollars sounds about right.

Unfortunately for Mr. Davis, he never gets a chance to spend his newfound wealth as he finds himself immediately murdered upon receipt. Fortunately for Mr. Davis, he's lived a blameless life so although his soul belongs to hell he isn't a bad enough person to be tormented. Instead, he must satisfy his deal by working odd jobs. These jobs all involve returning to the living world as another person, and eventually being murdered.

This is one of the light, funny episodes of the series.

I, uh, I understand you have some, uh, property for sale, Mr. Davis?

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