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Location: Tybee Island GA


Occupation: Sometimes

Birthdate: February 15, 1960 (62 years old)

Biography: I was a big 16mm enthusiast for years and groups of us would get together in the yard or at the park with couple cases of beer or whatever, and screen old b/w movies usually on the side of a building. I had quite a collection of films which took me years to compile, and thousands of dollars I could never really afford. But it was a hobby I really enjoyed. It's just not the same watching them on tv or with a DLP projector.. A film image really cant be equally duplicated digitally.. The digital projection may be made cleaner and sharper, but it tends to loose some soul.. It's hard to describe, but I much prefer film projection over digital by far. The film defects and occasional lines running through the screen never bothered me. About 7 or 8 years ago my entire film collection, projectors and a great deal of other belonging got stolen while I was away at work for a few months.. It broke my heart, and I had to leave my film hobby behind. It would just take to much time and money to reinstate it.. I bought a DLP projector and a number of DVDs instead, but it just wasn't the same, and it's very very seldom that I even use it. In a way, I think that is why I'm drifting into old time radio programs.. to try and recapture some of the ambiance I experienced with the films. I particularly am fast falling in love with Quiet Please. It's got an indescribable essence that I've not experienced in other OTR programs.. Perhaps it's some how Coopers personal passion in his program creation that is shining through.. I don't know.. but there's something about it that has captured my attention and enthusiasm to listen. Yeah, what I'm listening to is digital representations of the originals.. but I can transmit them on my part 15 AM transmitter, and listen to it on the radio, and somehow that restores it, in my mind, to original broadcast. Quiet Please was over a decade before I was born, but I'm glad the old broadcast have managed availability today.

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