Northern Lights

Title Northern Lights
Message Text Northern Lights

Announcer: Quiet, Please .... Quiet, Please!

(Organ theme music starts)

(Organ theme music ends)

Announcer: The American Broadcasting company presents Quiet, Please, which is written and directed by Wyllis Cooper, and which features Ernest Chappel. Quiet, Please for today is called \"Northern Lights\".

Chappel: This is a story about the temperal displacement of mass, ... it is also a story about teleportation. You know what those terms mean? No, I didn't think you did, but you stay right where you are my charming freind, and your quite likely to find out. You just stay right there and listen, and I'll tell you everything you'd like to know, ...and maybe a couple of things your not to terribly anxious to know ...

(Music comes in)

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