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Thomas Davie
Thomas Davie
Posted Feb 02, 2003 - 8:01 PM:

Hi; I just thought that I'd ask opinions to see if anyone has found a hald decent MP3 boombox. Just 3 days ago, I picked up a JVC that had MP3 capability (remote included) from 32-256 kbps. I found that it could play 320 kbps no problem. Haven't tried VBR files yet, but the OTR that I have tried sound absolutely horrible. By way of comparison, the same files sound quite nice on my RioVolt fed through to speakers.

Additionally, I've found out that it does not read CDRW's which it is supposed to.

Not a big deal since I've got 30 days to take it back, but I'm wondering if there is anythign better out there?



Posted Jul 18, 2003 - 4:50 AM:

Well, you'll think me crazy, but there's a decent MP3 boombox at Wal Mart !!

It's one of those imports with no recognizable name, but the item number is 000564946, and it's only $36.

It's not for audiophiles, but it works great.
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