Very Unimportant Person

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Episode #77
Aired 1948-12-05
Length: 29:35
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The world has ended. People have blown it apart with a series of nuclear explosions. It doesn't matter who caused it or exactly why it happened, it just happened, and it's all over now.

A man and his wife escape in a plane as the Earth is being destroyed, and fly high overhead. They have little hope... all they can do is stay in the air until they run out of fuel. Soon they discover that the VIP who the plane was there for is inside of it with them, and there's three of them to look down on the destruction. The VIP isn't a VIP anymore, though: he's a VUP, a very unimportant person. With the end of the world at hand, everyone is a very unimportant person.

Do we get another chance? Do we deserve another chance? Do we want another chance?

Maybe the thing got tired of being in one piece and just went off by itself.
the man

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