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Episode #23
Aired 1947-11-10
Length: 24:01
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Every culture has a number that comes up everywhere and seems to have a special importance to the culture. For example, for the Navajo the number is four. For western Europe and for the modern cultures in the Americas derived from western Europe, the number is three.

Three. It's a number that comes up everywhere. Counting down 3...2...1. The third time's the charm. Various referenes everywhere. Someone whispers something in Sebastian's ear: "Three." From then on, a series of events happen involving the number three. Sebastian comes to dread every encounter with the number. He sees it everywhere, though.

The third floor. Three men in the office. Three o'clock. And most importantly and most frighteningly: "Last 3 days."

No, we're not crazy, Sebastian. Are you?

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