There Are Shadows Here

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Episode #49
Aired 1948-05-10
Length: 29:13
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Shadows have always been associated with mystery, the unknown, foreboding, and most of all fear. Perhaps it's strange that an area dimmed by an object blocking the path of light can cause such reactions in people. If there were a shadow without anything casting it, though... what would that be? What would it mean? What could be done about it?

A woman is looking for Woody. She stops by the bar he frequently goes to, but when he isn't there. The bartender tells Woody that her name was Esther. Woody, unable to remember anyone by that name, asks what she looked like. No one knows. All they ever see of her is a sort of a shadow, never her face. Knowing that Esther is looking for him, but unable to figure out who she is or what she wants, Woody waits and thinks.

"There Are Shadows Here" explores the workings of fate and also of the mind. There are shadows without anything making the shadows, and there are people without shadows. Both represent danger. Although the episode isn't among the best, the ending is truly a classic example of the emotion that Quiet, Please tries to achieve.

There's nothing worse than a shadow.

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