The Room Where the Ghosts Live

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Episode #32
Aired 1948-01-12
Length: 24:11
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Lawrence is dying. He knows it, and welcomes it. Above all he insists that he not be moved, that he be allowed to die in his own house.

There's a room -- a room beyond the outside wall of the house, where from the outside there's only snow. There's a door to the room, where it looks as though there is no door. When he turns the lights off and closes his eyes, Lawrence can hear people pounding against the door. He can hear a woman crying out for help. When the lights come on, there's nothing: no sound, no door, no room.

The doctor can do nothing to help Lawrence. He can't move him, he can't save him. All he can do is listen to the story, and try to understand how this happened.

Melanie is a girl who lived here 170 years ago... and who still lives here.

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