The Oldest Man in the World

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Episode #101
Aired 1949-05-22
Length: 28:35
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In the foothills of the Pyrenees, some 200 centuries ago, there were humans. These Cro-Magnons settled in what's now southern France, perhaps having followed the retreating glaciers northward. They took refuge from the harsh elements by living in caves. They've left behind traces of their lives that remain even today, including drawings on the walls of many caves.

Lucas recalls a time about 27 years ago when he and his friend Harry and Harry's wife were in France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. He remembers the cave they happened to come across, far off the beaten path, and the sudden storm that caused the three of them to seek shelter in the large cave. Lucas remembers the events that occurred there... the tragedy, the failure, the unbelievable.

There's a footprint in the cave, in solid rock, left by a man dead for 20,000 years. There's also a deep hole, a dangerous slope with a small pool of water at the bottom. Beyond the mystery of the ancient cave, there's the mystery of the three modern people in it. Jealousy, revenge, and tragedy... in a cave unnoticed by humanity for the last 200 centuries.

Did you hear that? Did you hear a voice speaking to you? I thought I heard a voice, I thought I heard Harry's voice. Listen...

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