The Man Who Stole a Planet

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Episode #58
Aired 1948-07-26
Length: 24:13
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Progress: movement from the simple to the complex. Is it the reality of what happens through time, or an idea created by people to convince themselves that the era in which they are living is superior to all others? Modern science firmly believes that it has acquired more knowledge and more power than any civilization of the past. Science now holds the power of life and death over the world. Could such a power have existed in the distant past, kept secret because of the danger it represented, and eventually been forgotten by time?

Deep in the heart of a Mexican jungle so remote that it has no name, an archeologist and his wife hack through thick grass that rises up above the level of their heads. They come upon an ancient Myan temple, undisturbed for many centuries. Inside the temple, they discover the greatest archeological treasure that the world has ever known. The archeologist, fearing that the Mexican government will claim it, decides to take it back with him. He cannot guess what the consequences of his decision will be.

Can one person, acting alone, determine the fate of the Earth? Is there a power, whether an artifact of the past or a creation of modern science, that could give a single person such complete control? If someone acquires this power, is there anything that the rest of humanity can do to save itself? "The Man Who Stole a Planet" shows the extreme vulnerability of the Earth in modern times, and gives a warning for the future.

Once in a while somebody finds out something, and a little chunk of the so-called supernatural slides over into the field of exact science.
the archeologist

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