The Man Who Knew Everything

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Episode #90
Aired 1949-03-06
Length: 28:06
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Charles W. Afternoon knows everything. As soon as he thinks of something, he instantly knows all about it. He can answer any trivia question, know how people will die, and give out the combination to a bank vault. Right now, he wants to tell you something. Something "rather dreadful" is about to happen to you, and he wants to warn you about it ahead of time.

There are three people Mr. Afternoon describes, three people you need to know about. One is a tall and fat man, with a completely bald head. The other two are about four feet tall. One is a small fat man with a small black mustache. The other is a woman, short and dumpy, with glasses and a very red face. She carries a handbag that has nothing in it except an ice pick. You've seen all three of them before... maybe separately, but you've seen them. You don't know them, but they know you.

Has there been someone in your house? Have people been watching you? What is it that's going to happen to you, and can Charles W. Afternoon give you instructions that will be able to save you?

I was starting to talk about you. May I go on, please? I know a few facts that I think you ought to know, too.
Charles W. Afternoon

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