The Hat, the Bed, and John J. Catherine

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Episode #104
Aired 1949-06-11
Length: 27:52
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John J. Catherine is a stagehand, but he always wanted to be an actor. He still thinks he can act as well as some of the actors in the plays he's helping out with. His boss, Ms. Pierce, laughs at the idea.

John sees that someone placed his hat on a bed. He sees that as a sure sign of his own impending death, according to a superstition. Then, later, John has strange visions of a room that's completely dark. He walks into what he thinks is his own room, but he finds there's nothing in it. All his furniture is gone, there's no light at all. He walks into total emptiness, an area of nothingness... and he loses three days there.

A hat. A bed. A stagehand and failed actor by the name of John J. Catherine. It adds up to very strange final episode of the Quiet, Please series.

Are you unaware that a hat on a bed is a sure sign of death?
John J. Catherine

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