Symphony in D Minor

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Episode #65
Aired 1948-09-13
Length: 24:15
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Cesar Franck is famous for the exceptional emotional quality of his music. Franck's symphonies are more than just music -- they're dramatizations of emotion. His most famous piece, especially as far as its emotional nature, is his symphony in D minor. A short segment from the second movement of the symphony serves as the theme music for Quiet, Please.

Ray is a guest in the house of a blind psychologist. He's there with the intent of stealing the man's wife, who he has been seeing for a while. It so happens that he gets into an argument with the psychologist about whether or not someone can be hypnotized against their will. Ray says it's impossible, but the psychologist proves his point with a demonstration... on Ray.

The plot of "Symphony In D Minor" swings back and forth across the range of human emotions. The rapidly moving plot in many ways resembles the movement of Franck's music. The last episode on mutual, "Symphony In D Minor" pays homage to the music that had been integral to the storytelling of the series throughout its run.

He doesn't know what I know. He doesn't know what I'm going to do.

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