Summer Goodbye

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Episode #84
Aired 1949-01-23
Length: 28:58
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The seasons invariably pass away, in their yearly cycle. Fall becomes winter, winter becomes spring, spring becomes summer, and then summer once again must turn to fall. It's near the end of the summer in California. The rain will soon spread down from north to south and envelop the area, bringing water to ground that has remained hot and dry since the spring.

A man and wife commit a robbery and murder, and speed away from the scene with the police in close pursuit. They take an obscure path away from the main roads, and plan to stay in an abandoned house until the rains come and they can safely make their escape. As they're driving along, about 75 MPH, they notice a hitchhiker at the side of the road. They speed by. Then, a little farther ahead, there's another hitchhiker wearing the same outfit... and then another after that.

Everything eventually has to come to an end. People may try to get it over with quicker, or may try to cling to what they have for longer, but it does no good. Cycles repeat, nature evens things out in the end.

You need a place to hide out in, when the back of your car is loaded down with two satchels full of money that used to belong to somebody else, and there's bright fresh blood on the handle of one of them."

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