Rain On New Year's Eve

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Episode #30
Aired 1947-12-29
Length: 24:31
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The long year is coming to an end. In Hollywood, a script writer works overtime on a horror film. His deadline is fast approaching, and the director wants the entire film rewritten to include 2 monsters instead of 1.

In the script, there's a monster that's almost always harmless. It only has power for the last hour of the year: 11 PM to midnight on New Year's eve. The writer imagines what it must be like for the monster.

In real life it's now New Year's eve. The script is due in a few hours, the writer is trying to make it through the final bit of torture. The slow and steady cold rain seems to control him, and a tired mind does strange things.

That's all there is to rain in California -- it comes down steadily, ice cold.
the script writer

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