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Episode #105
Aired 1949-06-18
Length: 30:44
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Andrew has been in France for about eight months, working a postwar job. He's been living in the home of his ancestors, built in 1341. Andrew and his friend Achmed have spent many hours in that house debating theology and philosophy. The concept of fatalism is something on which they disagree, with Achmed believing that life is a script being acted out and Andrew believing that individuals have some control to change things.

There's a piece of music by Ravel called Pavane pour une Infante Défunte. Translated to English, it's Pavane for a Dead Princess. Andrew often sits at the ancient piano playing the song. One night while he's playing it, a little girl enters the room. He asks her who she is, and she says she's the princess, and that she came because she could hear her song being played.

Pavane is a story of both hope and sadness, exploring dreams and fears. Is life predetermined, or are there important choices to be made? Is it possible for things to be predetermined and yet for there to be choices at the same time? If life is in fact all scripted, do you really want to know what's on the next page?

Whatever we may do is merely bringing to life the cosmic playscript that is already written.

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