One For the Book

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Episode #75
Aired 1948-11-21
Length: 27:56
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Max Westlake reads science fiction magazines. He believes that a lot of the stories in them of fantastic technology will come true within a few decades. He's a Captain in the U.S. Air Force right now. In 1937 he was a Sergeant in the Air Corps, and a snafu started then that's still going on when he's a Captain and won't be completed for another 9 years. Captain Westlake tells the story, which starts with Sergeant Westlake and ends with Major Westlake.

Technology is advancing rapidly. Planes are going faster than ever before. They're going faster than was ever even imagined before. With continued advancement, could people someday end up flying so fast that they get where they're going before they started?

Where are the limits of science? No one knows. What seemed impossible before is common place now. What seems impossible now may be common place in the future.

You'd feel pretty funny starting out some place on Saturday and getting there on Friday afternoon.

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