Not Responsible After Thirty Years

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Episode #54
Aired 1948-06-14
Length: 30:11
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The man who speaks to you this week was just released from prison. He's served three years for stealing a watch. The watch he stole was his own watch... off of the wrist of the skeleton of a roman soldier at an excavation, where it had spent more than 1500 years.

The man knows what he's going to do now that he's free: he's going to find his watch and steal it back again. The reason goes back to an incident from thirty years before, when he and a friend, both in the British army, decided to go to observe a Druid circle after midsummer's eve... and found their selves being the ones observed.

You have never seen a Druid circle by moonlight. I want you to picture tall, wide-spreading oak trees, hundreds of years old. I want you to see a circle of great stones twice as tall as a man, casting long black shadows across the grass. I want you to hear the little night wind rustling the leaves of the ancient oaks, sounding like the far off whispered conversation of a great conclave of beings from another world. See the moon, dead pale in the sky above... and feel the oneness of all nature in the whispering silences. And know that you are very close to an infinite... something."

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