Never Send to Know

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Episode #40
Aired 1948-03-08
Length: 28:34
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A detective is approached by a potential client who has a lot of money. This client doesn't even know his own name, but he can produce as much cash as the detective can ask for. The service he's asking for is simple: he wants to find out who murdered him.

Unable to reist the money the ghost offers, the detective sets about accomplishing his strange task. The ghost can offer only small bits of help... it doesn't recall very well what happened, or where. The ghost doesn't even know its own name. Slowly evidence begins to fall into place, however, and the detective starts to narrow the list of suspects.

There's an old saying: Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

No, the business of a private investigator is not all gun play and beautiful blondes.
the detective

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