Meeting at Ticonderoga

Episode #41
Aired 1948-03-15

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The original broadcast of this episode is lost, but you can download a version produced by the Middlebury Radio Theater of Thrills and Suspense at

"Here lyes the body of Duncan Campbell of Inverawe, Esquire; Major to the Old Highland Regiment, aged 55 years, who died the 17th of July 1758 of the wounds received at the attack of the retrenchments of Ticonderoga, or Carillon."

Who was Duncan Cambell? Why is the man who speaks to you this week visiting his grave? What were a bunch of Scots doing in New York? Listen.

      Weel, then, I answer a fool according to his folly. I swear upon my dirk that I will never betray you to mortal man! Is that enough? Now stay away frae the window and frae the door!