Meeting at Ticonderoga

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Episode #41
Aired 1948-03-15
Length: 29:45
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Sometimes a good person is backed into a corner where he must choose between two bad options. Duncan Campbell found himself in such a situation. He could either betray his sworn promise or betray his family. His choice would haunt him.

The other thing haunting Duncan Campbell was a mysterious word that came to him in a dream: Ticonderoga. He carried the word with him from his native Scotland all the way to New York, where at last he found the meaning.

Who was this Duncan Campbell? Why is the man who speaks to you this week visiting his grave hundreds of years later? Listen.

Here lyes the body of Duncan Campbell of Inverawe, Esquire; Major to the Old Highland Regiment, aged 55 years, who died the 17th of July 1758 of the wounds received at the attack of the retrenchments of Ticonderoga, or Carillon."

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