Let the Lilies Consider

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Episode #55
Aired 1948-06-28
Length: 24:10
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Little enough is known about the phenomenon of consciousness that it is impossible to clearly define what is and isn't conscious. It is assumed that a creature must have a brain, and one similar to the human brain, in order to be conscious. No logical basis exists for that assumption, however, since no physical connection has ever been found between the brain and what could be termed consciousness. Despite having no clear argument to support their conclusion, almost everyone agrees that plants aren't conscious. Could everyone be wrong? If plants are conscious, is it also possible that flowers think and feel as people do?

James is suspected of murder, and is being questioned by the police. His interrogator is convinced that he buried his wife under an especially tall lilie in the garden. James denies it, insists he is innocent, and tells his story. His love of flowers, and especially lilies, has taken up most of his time. His wife Gretchen hates flowers, and is jealous of them. James tells of how he expressed his love for the lilies in his garden, and of how they expressed their love for him.

"Let the Lilies Consider" showcases the finest creativity of Wyllis Cooper. As a philosophical device, the story is powerful. Taking the seemingly impossible and twisting it into something which appears rational, the story questions basic assumptions humans make about the world around them.

I believe they love you, James, and they hate me.

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